Thursday, April 26, 2018

Recycled Photo Frame

Hi all Vicki-Ann here today and I wanted to show you how to quickly upcycle a photo frame to match your decor.

What you will need.

I bought this at an op shop (second hand shop) for $2 what a bargain hey. Looks a bit scratched up and not the right colour for me but the design of it, is just what I am looking for.

So I sanded it back in places roughly and grabbed some Black Americana Acrylic paint and gave it 2 coats of black paint.

Then to seal, we gave it a spray of the Helmar Crystal Kote Varnish in the Matte Finish. (my husband made a great hand model) This seals it makes it easier to clean. Keeps it from fading and gives a terrific finishing touch to your project.

I added some scrapbook paper to size and now I just need to add my photos.

I was really happy with how my photo frame came up. Now it matches all the rest of the frames on the wall, of the family photo shelf in my hall, that I am working on.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Letter Journals...

Thought I would put a few of the pages from the Letter journals that I have been working on in the last few months and pop around and say hi over at Paint Party Friday  Have you had a look at all the amazing art that is posted over there.. No!! Well follow the link and have a look around. Everyone is welcome and we love seeing what everyone is up to during the last week. 

I had fun on these black pages at first I was a bit tricked then when I thought about how well the signo white pen works on black I just had fun doing lots of dangles.

Stamped on paper with my alphabet stamps and cut and pasted. 

Always fun doing circles. Scribbled words around them. 

More dangles added some Gelli plate printed hearts. I wanted to play with some Kaisercraft Die cuts. So I put them over the background and then painted and blended them in. 
All paint used was Decoart Americana Acrylics, they come in some fabulous colours and such fun to use. 

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Monday, January 29, 2018

Shaker Card

I used the lovely Rinea metallic paper and the Helmar 450 craft glue today and made a shaker card.
The shimmer of the Rinea Mettallic paper looks awesome for this and love the way it embosses.

I made myself a template out of cardstock so had the size I wanted. That made it easier to cut the cardboard and the 2 other layers that I needed. Then I cut the cardboard using a craft knife on the self healing craft mat.

Then I cut the part that would cover the cardboard so you wont see that. I edged the bottom of the top page with a wave design. Cut some plastic to fit over the front of your square on the cardboard and a piece of Rinea metallic paper that will cover the back.

I punched hearts out of the Rinea paper it is double sided so gold on one side and purple on the other so that made having it all coordinated very easy. 

I ran the purple side up through my bigshot with an embossing folder to add the words, then layered on a white card with first a gold underneath then the embossed Rinea paper in the purple.

You need some plastic, I used an A4 plastic sheet and cut it to fit the square.

Then your shaker part to assemble lay your cardboard down first.

Add your Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive  around the edge of the square and place the plastic over and press all around.

 Then turn it over and add your hearts. I had some showing purple and some showing gold.

Go around the back with your Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive and add your purple backing paper and press down all around the edges. Now you have your shaker.

So all you need to do now is add more of the Helmar Quick Dry Adhesive to the back of your shaker and place it on top of your embossed card.

I added a little wooden detail of a xoxo on top. I used distress ink to colour it purple and added some gold to the edges of it.


The embossing worked so well and having the double sided papers made it so easy. The Helmar 450 Quick Dry made it very simple and quick. I did not have to wait for layers to dry.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Gift Bags...

Well what fabulous papers from Rinea we have to play with this month. It was awesome timing for me as I have some gifts for my friends and I needed to make some bags and the foil metallic papers from Rinea are just perfect.

The best thing about this project is the paper is already cut to the perfect size to make a large bag with the We R Memories Gift bag punch board. So the first step is already done. So all I had to do was pop the Rinea metallic papers from the variety pack on the punch board and follow the directions. The Rinea foil metallic papers worked wonderfully the scored lines made very crisp professional edges and made my bags look great. 

I folded all the scored lines and to join up the bags. I used the Helmar Gemstone Glue and just ran a line along the side edge and on the bottom flap to seal.
I made tags in the purple metallic foil papers to pop on the front with another tag punch that I have but you could easily just cut a square and punch a hole, with a hole punch. I added some stenciling in the background, on the white card stock. Then stamped my words over the top with black ink.

I threaded silver cording through the holes. (The hole punch is also on the punch board.) Threading my tag on and tied a knot. I wanted my tag to sit at an angle so you could read it better so I used some Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots on the back of the tag and pressed it on gently so I kept the dimension.  
I have not used the punch board before and found it very easy to use and know I will make many more bags in the future. I loved the tiny star pattern on the Rinea foil variety pack papers I would definitely use that again.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)  

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Christmas Place Mats

At Christmas I made some placemats for my Christmas table. They turned out great and made a fun addition to my table. To check out more fun ideas go over to see the Helmar Creative Team page to see what others 

I printed off some music paper to use. If you would like to have these to use in your projects they are a free download and available here

So I used some other music papers for the edges, as the A4 sheet of music paper was not quite big enough to cover my star. Using the Helmar Decoupage and craft paste, I spread it onto my star placemat and on the back of the music paper.

Then using the Helmar paint and glue spreader I smoothed out any bubbles. Then I cut out the A4 sheet of music paper using the same technique with the Helmar decoupage and craft paste I placed  over the top. Spreading out any bubbles.

When it is all dry I go around the edges with sandpaper or a cardboard nail file to smooth all the edges and get any of the remaining paper, that is overlapping the edge. 

I then used some Decoart gold Metallic Luster to add a bit of sparkle all around the edges.  I used it here and there on the front too just because well you can’t have too much gold sparkle.

To finish it off and to protect it I sealed it with 2 coats of Helmar Crystal Kote in the Matte Spray. 

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Journal cover featuring sewing.

Today I wanted to show how you can incorporate some sewing into your art. There is more details over on the Helmar Creative Team page.  I have been loving using my sewing machine to add some texture and details into my art. I have been using it on my collage pieces and then using my Helmar Tacky craft glue to glue it down.

First I sanded back the edges of my wooden cover. I then traced the cover of my wooden journal onto the back of the scrapbook paper. Then cut that out with my scissors.

Using my Helmar Decoupage Craft Paste I covered the wooden journal cover with glue with my paint and glue spreader.

 Then popped the paper that I had cut out over the top and using the paint and glue spreader smoothed out any bumps so you get a fabulous seal. Once this is dry I covered the back just tearing book and dictionary papers and using the Helmar Decoupage Craft Paste and the glue spreader I just covered it all till no wood is showing.

To get great edges I use a piece of fine sandpaper and smooth all the edges. You could also use a cardboard nail file. That also works really well. I used some Distress ink and a blending tool on the edges of the wooden cover and on the edges of the papers. So they would blend together a bit better.

To do the collage I wanted to use that butterfly as my focal point so I gathered papers that matched my background and layered till I was happy with the look of it. Making sure that the book paper underneath the butterfly had enough room to sew around it. Then using the Helmar Tacky Craft Glue I put the layers together. Once it is dry, I sewed it all together with my sewing machine.

I thought it still needed something underneath the sewn part so I grabbed some washi tape and some plasterers tape and put that directly on my cover.  I grabbed some of the Decoart Crackle Paste and a Palette knife and added it to 3 of the corners. I just love crackle texture.

To add the sewn part I used the Helmar Tacky Craft Glue and the paint and glue spreader and put it on the back. Making sure to Spread it around to all the edges. This holds all those layers on to the cover really well.

Here are some of the inside pages. Using a clip I just stuck some of the strips of paper I had left over so I could use them in my journal.

You could easily use some stiff cardboard and use this same technique. I hope this tutorial helps you to make yourself a journal.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Spring flowers

Well Spring has sprung here in Australia and my garden is in full bloom. So thought I would do some flowers on a canvas with lots of layers of collage. You can find more details about this canvas on the Helmar Creative team page.

I covered the canvas with random scrap papers. I used the inside of envelopes, book paper, dictionary paper and any scrap of patterned paper. I tear these up leaving rough edges. Using the Helmar Decoupage and craft paste I layer the papers.

I always add the Helmar Decoupage and Craft Paste to the back of the item I am gluing and the surface I am gluing onto. This gives a great adhesion. Then using the paint and glue spreader I go over it getting out any air bubbles.

I used some modeling paste through a Tim Holtz stencil to add some texture.

I then used some Decoart Americana paints and painted over the collage papers. I like just a bit of the layers to show through with pops here and there to add interest.

I then cut out circles of book paper and using some of the papers from my desk that I used when I was cleaning off from my last Gelly plate day. I cut out some flower petals. Then placing them so I could add stems I used the Helmar Decoupage and Craft Paste and the paint and glue spreader and put them on. Remember to use the paint and glue spreader again so you get the bubbles out. This all dries clear so no need to worry about any excess glue. Wait for all of it to dry I like to leave it all for a few hours at least or come back the next day. I have wrecked many a pen by trying to draw over the wet paint. So now it is time for the doodling I added stems and lines with my black pen and white pens. I love doing all the doodling.

So for the final step once the pen is dry give it 2 coats of the Helmar Crystal Kote Matt sealant this stops it from fading and seals it all in perfectly.